I team IT del Consiglio canadese per l’istruzione collaborano per migliorare la sicurezza e le prestazioni della rete con la soluzione NETSCOUT

This Board of Education administers the school system for a Canadian city supporting more than 100.000 students. Along with overseeing the academic planning, curriculum, and standardized testing, the BOE is responsible for delivering necessary IT services to the overall school system. Due to ongoing citywide population spikes, there is an increase in new students going into the school system. As the number of students increases, so does the need for additional resources and facilities, with increased network demand and traffic being sent across more network links to the BOE’s data centers. An increase of students also poses information security challenges for the schools system’s network and resources. To solve potential data center and network link oversubscriptions and tackle the challenges regarding the introduction of new schools and network traffic issues, the BOE turned to NETSCOUT.