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Have you ever had to defend against a DDoS attack taking down your connectivity and availability?

Do you think it won’t happen to you?

Come join the leader in DDoS defense solutions for an afternoon of learning today's critical DDoS defense skills. You’ll learn how DDoS countermeasures work, followed by a role playing session where you will get to be both the defender and the attacker during several rounds of wargames. Your takeaway will be the knowledge of how attackers make their moves and how to use many of the current best practices in DDoS defense today.

A unique opportunity to practice hands-on network security defense!

Event Agenda:

12:00 | Welcome

13:00 | Current States of Attacks

13:45 | Arbor AED & Sightline Demonstration

14:30 | Break

14:45 | Wargaming Session 1

16:15 | Break

16:30| Wargaming Session 2

17:15 | Wrap-up & End

HMS Belfast, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2JH


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For questions, please contact Barrett Sellers at [email protected]