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La 14ª relazione annuale sulla sicurezza delle infrastrutture a livello globale (“Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report”, WISR) di NETSCOUT offre informazioni ricavate da un’indagine globale sui decisori nel settore della rete, della sicurezza e dell’IT di aziende service provider. Its focus is on the operational challenges they face daily from network-based threats, as well as the strategies adopted to address and mitigate them. The survey arms you  with insights to develop and implement a DDoS and infrastructure security and network protection plan.

This year,  survey respondents reported  that digital business initiatives like cloud, along with political targets, drew increased attacker attention, while attacks ballooned in size and educnational entity, you need to understand the growing risk of DDoS  and cyber attacks and how to protect against them.

Download the complete report now to learn the latest trends and observations from the organizational security community, including:

  • Operational Threats
  • Protezione dagli attacchi DDoS:
  • sicurezza di rete
  • SDN / NFV
  • IPV6
  • Organizational Security

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