Presentazione della soluzione

Enabling Remote/Home User Productivity

Facilitare la produttività dell'utente remoto

Elementi fondamentali

The Challenge

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations around the globe are instituting work/learn-from-home policies on a massive scale.

  • Now more than ever, critical infrastructure such as internet circuits, routers, VPN gateways, and firewalls must remain available to ensure remote access to internal resources and services.
  • Many of the applications that now need to be accessed via VPN are critical to business continuity e.g. finance, payroll, engineering etc. A successful attack can impact the productivity of remote/home users, and bring a business to a standstill.
Bottom Line

The Arbor DDoS Protection solution can protect the availability of your critical network infrastructure so your home-based users can remain productive.

Sotto attacco?

For Emergency Provisioning Services that can turn up Arbor Cloud DDoS protection within 4 hours, or to add additional mitigation capacity to your existing Arbor APS or Arbor AED call:

844-END-DDOS per Stati Uniti e Canada

+1 734-794-5099 per gli altri Paesi

Ulteriori informazioni

For more information about how to protect your remote users access to corporate resources visit:

DDoS Attacks Pose a Significant Threat to the Availability of Critical Infrastructure and Services

For example:

Enterprise/Data-Centre Internet Connectivity – Remote/Home-based users need to be able to reach critical services within the enterprise network or data-centre. Due to the increased utilization of these circuits from legitimate remote users, even a small sized DDoS attack (i.e. 1 Gbps which is very common) can impact the performance and availability of these circuits. Note: These circuits and critical business services could reside in corporate, partner or cloud-based/hosted networks.

VPN Gateways/Firewalls – These devices (whether they be in the same box or separate) are used to provide secure access to enterprise LAN/data-centre resources for remote/ home-based users. These devices are usually stateful and are susceptible to DDoS attacks (more specifically TCP State Exhaustion attacks).

Arbor DDoS protegge utenti e risorse aziendali a casa/remoti

The NETSCOUT Solution – The Arbor Smart DDoS Protection

NETSCOUT® can protect the availability of critical business applications, that must now be accessed through highly-loaded VPN infrastructure.

  1. Arbor Edge Defense (AED) – An appliance (or virtual) that resides on premise, in front of firewall or VPN gateway to protect them and application services from volumetric (up to 40 Gbps), TCP state exhaustion or application layer attacks. As an in-line device, dedicated to a specific environment, AED can react quickly to any attack, however small, protecting the availability of highly-loaded infrastructure.
  2. Arbor Cloud – A cloud-based DDoS attack mitigation service with over 11 global scrubbing centers with 14+ Tbps of mitigation capacity and manned 24x7 with DDoS attack mitigation experts. Arbor Cloud sarà utilizzato per fermare gli attacchi che saturano i circuiti Internet.
  3. ATLAS Threat Intelligence Feed – AED and Arbor Cloud™ are continuously updated with
    ATLAS® Threat Intelligence, which enables protection from latest DDoS and other threats. See Cyber Threat Horizon.
  4. Fully Managed DDoS Protection Service – The entire solution can be fully managed 24x7 by Arbor DDoS mitigation experts so you can focus on what you do best.
Arbor Smart DDoS Protection che consente agli utenti remoti/che operano da casa di accedere alle risorse aziendali